A fascinating place with 500 years of history

In 1515, nobleman Berndt von Kerssenbrock established Ilzenberg Manor on top of a hill in the historical Selonian lands of Rokiškis with a spectacular landscape including two lakes: Ilgis and Apvalasas. The manor on the hill was given the German name Ilsen Berg, which means Ilzė’s mountain.

Ilzenberg Manor was affected by the war between Sweden and Russia that began in 1655. This is evidenced by the fact that the manor contained three 17th century cannons, which were donated to the Kaunas Military Museum by the owner of the Ilzenberg Manor, Livija Emilija Dimšaitė in 1926. Replicas of them are located in the manor park.

In 1863, the manor was bought by a German-born engineer, N. N. Fuchs. He rebuilt the Ilzenberg Manor, which has remained largely unchanged to our day. In 1896, Eugenijus Dimša, whose ancestors had been noblemen in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, together with his wife Livija Majoresku, the daughter of an illustrious Romanian figure, former Romanian prime minister Titas Livijus Majoresku, became the owners of the manor.

The carefully collected history of Ilzenberg Manor is presented in the book “Symbols of the history of Lithuania: THE ILZENBERG MANOR 1515–2015”, published on the occasion of the manor’s 500th anniversary.

500 years later, the manor has returned to its historical roots. It is the only manor in the Baltic States and one of the few in Europe reborn and based on the principles of organic farming. A variety of foods is produced at the manor. The manor park-museum is bordered by farmland plots, which from spring to late autumn delight in bright greenery and invite you to say hello to nearby sheep, hens, and cows.

All the historical stone masonry structures of museum value have been restored. Ilzenberg Manor features a luxuriously furnished exterior and interior. There is a well-groomed 14 ha English-style park, artistic park sculptures, Love Island, and the mighty Ilzenberg Oak: 500 years old, 6.3 meters wide, protected by the Lithuanian state.


Historic manor owners. The Coat of Arms

  1.     Kerssenbrock
  2.     Korff gen. Schmiesing-Kerssenbrock
  3.     Orgies gen. Rutenberg
  4.     Dymsza



To enrich the history of Lithuania

SCULPTURE PARK with the theme “Love, Harmony and Manor Style” is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Lithuanian state. The park exhibits works of famous Lithuanian and Latvian sculptors (see the local plan of Ilzenberg).

MANOR INTERIOR. 19th century late classicism, décor elements:  impressive marble floor mosaic, mosaic parquet with wood décor, decorative hall walls with textile wallpaper, gilded ceiling decoration, part of the walls finished with Venetian putty technique and formed caisson ceilings.

ART OF BLACKSMITHING. The Ilzenberg Manor has a unique place for artistic blacksmithing: gates in stone fences, replicas of historic cannons, viewing areas and manor fences, handrails on the manor stairs and a light fixture.

STONE WALLS. The surviving 19th century buildings that have been restored by reproducing authentic masonry techniques are one of the greatest monumental values of this manor, these are the outbuildings: official house, craft house, bathhouse, stables, barn, smokehouse. In the northeast park, there is an old stacked stone fence (the so-called glow-worm wall).

ILZENBERG MANOR OAK NATURAL MONUMENT. The state-protected 500-year-old ILZENBERG OAK has a trunk of 6.3 metres in width.

STELMUŽĖ OAK REPLICA. This is an exact copy of the trunk, with references to important dates for Lithuania and the Ilzenberg manor, showing the extent of the Stelmužė Oak trunk at that time.

CANNON COURT. Three replicas of 17th century Swedish cannons stand peacefully. Those who opt for a guided tour of the mansion are greeted by a cannon shot.



For rest, celebration and active life

The manor park is set in an impressive landscape with two lakes: Ilgis and Apvalasas. Historic Park-Museum spaces are for guest relaxation: a preserved and well-groomed centenary park with more than 3 km of hiking trails and wildlife, inscribed in the Red Book (Osmoderma eremita), artistic park sculptures, the newlyweds’ favourite Love Island and a bridge leading to it. The decoration of the park is the 500-year-old Ilzenberg manor oak, the Mighty Ilzenberg, and Stelmužiukai (descendants of the Stelmužė oak tree).

Ilzenberg Manor park-museum could be called the Nordic Arcadia. This name has been used for centuries for romantic parks: a nostalgic landscape and idyllic country untouched by the faults of civilisation, where a person blends with nature. Here, 9 different emotional spaces are created using architectural and natural elements (see diagram in the local plan of Ilzenberg).


Time and cost of visiting the park-museum in 2020





10 am–7 pm





10 am–5 pm


all the year round

10 am–7 pm

Park-museum visitor’s ticket: € 6. Pupils, seniors, disabled: € 4. Children under 6 years of age: free of charge. You can buy a ticket at the cashier’s office in the café-shop working hours or by sending an SMS to the short number 1398 with the text “Park1-6€”, “Park2-4€”  (operator fee € 0.50).

Surroundings. “Around Lithuania” hiking trail

The manor offers a unique 2-hour hike to Latvia on an avenue of 200-year-old linden trees. In Latvia, you will visit the miraculously surviving, authentic Ilzenberg Manor Lutheran Church (1844), the centuries-old Ilzė Cemetery, and a Craft School, which was built in the 19th century by the family of Baron Rutenberg and was attended by peasant children from the Ilzenberg area.

For those who like longer walks in nature, the “Around Lithuania” hiking trail of about 10 km is offered. This is a journey from the manor around Lake Apvalasas, the outline of which resembles that of the Lithuanian state. During the hike you will visit the site of Onuškis Manor with the remains of a palace of impressive beauty, climb on a unique mound with the name of Kartuvės, with the Lithuanian-Latvian state border in the middle.



Festivals, concerts, celebrations, tasting dinners

Ilzenberg Manor hosts various cultural and entertainment events:

– music festival in June,

– concerts by well-known singers,

– themed celebrations and tasting dinners.

Information is available at and on FB.



Gorgeous Manor. Emotion Park. Love Island.

Luxurious and ornate manor interior, furniture, lounge, stair areas.

Love Island with its bridge that floats gracefully over the lake.

Artistic sculptures that show Love, Harmony, and Manor Style.

Park, spring bridges, panoramic viewing areas and cannon courts.



Gorgeous manor house and decorative park-museum. For a special celebration, meeting or lavish event

The Ilzenberg Manor welcomes guests with its glamorous, luxuriously furnished interior of the lounge and halls, and captivates with its delicate manor-style:

– luxurious Great Hall with impressive mosaic parquet (sitting event 130 guests);

– a cosy, elegant Dining Room (at the tables 52 guests, at a buffet 120 guests);

– spacious cellars of the 18th century, authentic, vaulted, of fine red brick, with four halls;

– meeting room with spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the park (50 guests);

– an elegant manor library for important meetings and negotiations;

– luxury Large Apartments, cosy and gorgeous Small Apartments;

– 9 camp-type bedrooms, modest and adequately equipped for overnight stays (50 guests);

– spacious and professionally equipped kitchen.

Authentic Craft House. Place for rest and overnight stays, 12 people.

Hotel. Currently under construction near Lake Apvalasas, it will be located on the site of the historic manor workers’ residence.

Outdoor Amphitheatre. 300 seats and 3,000 standing places.



A dream destination for those looking for an idyllic natural environment, healthy food and comfortable living conditions.

Discovery camps for kids. A place for young people to confront their curiosity, their dreams and themselves. Values fostered: creativity, ecology and healthy lifestyle, self-discovery.



To enhance health and eliminate fatigue

On the outskirts of Ilzenberg park-museum, on the picturesque shores of Ilgis Lake, the manor bathhouse (sauna), reminiscent of the spirit of the 1863 uprising, has been restored. Its heating room is probably the largest of all the heating rooms not only in Lithuanian but also in the Baltic manors. Its pleasures can be enjoyed by as many as 25 people at a time. The most renowned bathhouse attendants of Lithuania have rated this bathhouse with the Vantos lapas (bathhouse birch whisk) award.


For groups of friends, we recommend the use of professional bathhouse attendants, to order healthy bathhouse educational programs, including bathing procedures using herbal bathhouse whisks and immersion in the lake. The bathhouse attendant will teach you how to use the bathhouse to enhance your health, eliminate fatigue and lift your body and soul on wings.



Guided tours of ILZENBERG MANOR

During the tour with the manor guide you will hear the stories and legends of the manor and the manor owners who lived there, and you will see the treasures of organic farming. For individual VISITORS. Weekend tours and tastings are organised from May to September every Saturday and Sunday.


You will get acquainted with the history of Ilzenberg Manor, museum exhibits, activities, and the farm.
Tour of the Ilzenberg Manor House. Life in the manor.
VI–VII (Sat.–Sun.)
Beginning: 12.00 noon; 2.40 pm
Duration 2 hours
VI–VII (Sat.–Sun.)
Beginning: 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm; 3.00 pm;
4.00 pm; 4.40 pm
Duration: 30 minutes
€ 6 per person of 17 years and above
€ 4 per child between 7–16 years
€ 3 per person
Starting Location:
At the gateway to the park near the cashier’s office at the café-shop
Starting Location:
At the main entrance of the Manor

*A park-museum visit 


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